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The Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co,. Ltd self -processing, marketing and export business which include seafood, meat products, canned food, snack food and so on. The Jinbaiwei brand has become a household brand and enter into the low- temperature meat products by a strong force with the abundant technical strength and market strategic advantage. Among them, low temperature meat products has been clearly set out the list of the top three in Northeast China, main products which include smoked ham, fish, etc., have reach the sales of No.1 country single product. Company developed and produced hundreds of varieties, dozens of products that taste according to the consumer habits. Among them, Jinbaiwei meat Sausages have four series: children and students food series, Family Package series, restaurant series and special flavor demand series. The series food of Jinbaiwei related to the health of people's lives, it includes producers, consumers and society for the production, service and consumption of hope. Therefore, we are committed to social responsibility, our products must be strictly in accordance with Food Hygiene Law of the regulatory requirements, and strive to clean production and conserve resources. We will always services to the community and the consumers by the healthy products. Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co,. Ltd is a rapidly emerging vibrant new business, we uphold the "integrity, responsibility, honor" the spirit of enterprise, enter the "quality, innovation, brands, and efficiency" into every part of business, dedicated the "natural, green, nutrition, health" quality of food to the social, sent Jinbaiwei food to every household in the customer mind.

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