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Benevolence create brilliant century
【interpretation】 Jinbaiwei has make the number "100" as the creative core and personality signature. It accurately reflects the hundred percent good taste、100 kinds of products, the hundred percent services percentile and the hundred percent customer satisfaction.
  Core idea"Jen governance"

【Int erpretation】 core idea is the core expression of the enterprise culture. Namely: social, responsibility and caring.
    1. The so-called "social" is that we must exposure corporate and own to the
community of nations, we are an integral part of the social community, is a member of the community of nations.
    2. The so-called "responsibility" is to love our products and reputation just
like we love ourselves life.
    3. The so-called "love" is to care and dedication to every consumers,
employees, distributors, suppliers, leaders and friends which grow with our business.
  Business philosophyprovide the highest quality products, pursuit of the most excellent service  
【Interpretation】philosophy is Collection of rival ideas which include a
leader's values, worldview, leadership models, and mployees, the company, customers, competition.
    1. The company advocates "Benevolence" business philosophy, respecting the
rights of each employee, while with reward and punishment mechanism, so that the staff's personal ability to play ultimate in the company, and the company reach to the maximize efficiency.
    2. The goal of Jinbaiwei is to provide consumers the highest quality products
so that consumers enjoy their satisfaction of the food.
    3. Jinbaiwie is not only for the profit, but we also strive for the quartet
harmony and win-win, the customers, the community, employees, shareholders, 
  Common vision:make life full of sunshine, healthy and joy.

【Interpretation 】This is the common dream that all the Jinbaiwei people
pursuit and the social values of the business existing.
    1.The goal of Jinbaiwei is to make consumers eat delicious, satisfactory, safe
    2.The Jinbaiwei strive to enrich the consumer's table in the purpose of
consumers’ life. The company produce new products by the advanced science and technology innovation active.
    3. Jinbaiwei service customers with passion, moved customers with sincerity. We
have a dream that is to enrich people's lives. Now We are one step at a forward courageously.Benevolence create brilliant century

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