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Dairy industry, meat industry to speed up the pace of integration
News source:Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co.,Ltd    Published:2009-9-3

90% of China's dairy industry has been restored more than 100 dairy enterprises to increase
Recently, China Dairy Industry Association 15th annual meeting held in Nanjing, it is learned that from January to July this year, the national dairy industry output has been restored, "melamine" before the event 90% of the total number of national dairy enterprises increased from 730 to 832.

Comments: melamine event for the local dairy companies to regain market share in providing the opportunity to enter the pack dairy competition and from the period, the dairy enterprises rose sharply. But as the government food safety supervision capacity building and national dairy enterprises to increase food security and marketing, investment promotion, leading enterprises can take advantage of asymmetric competitive advantage, once again local dairy enterprises Xingcheng "hit", the dairy industry will once again enter the integration phase. Remain on the dairy industry, "recommended" rating.
Yurun continue to acquire production capacity expansion of pig slaughtering ranked first in the world
The end of 2009, Jiangsu Yurun Group, pig slaughtering capacity will reach 25 million, ranks first in the world. Yurun Group, Chairman of the Board wish Yoshiki said the Group's future mergers and acquisitions will continue to take the road by 2010, capacity expansion to 30 million. Meanwhile, the biggest competitor Yurun double glow, is also actively expanding production capacity. Shuanghui has now built more than 10 provinces and cities more than 20 processing base, the slaughter capacity of 14 million, plans to buy and self means expansion in the 3 years to 20 million.
"Shuanghui and we should have their advantage." Zhu Yoshiki commented on the competitive relationship with Shineway, he said: "We have research and development in low-temperature meat products, production, marketing, channel development and market share advantage, the future will continue to strengthen this advantage. "
Comments: My pig slaughter capacity 600 million years or so, Yurun, Shuanghui, gongs, etc. Although the pig processing enterprises have formed a larger scale, but market concentration is still low, many regional, small-scale processing enterprises occupy the vast majority of the market share, pigs (meat) processing industry there is great and the space. Several leading enterprises can make full use of their brands, channels and financing advantages, accelerate the pace of integration. For meat processing industry, "recommended" rating.


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