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British meat products to improve the existing control system health check
News source:Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co.,Ltd    Published:2010-3-23

British meat products to improve the existing control system health check
UK Food Standards Agency has launched a task to review and assess the existing health of the meat inspection program and its specific implementation.
The work of Yi in the better protection of public health, and establish a risk-based analysis, more effective and more appropriate official meat control system. Interest in protecting the health of consumers, while the new meat inspection system is also recommended more attention to animal health and well-being.
The current official meat control system, especially for slaughtered animals, quarantine means most or quarantine based on very traditional methods. Many ways to set up a hundred years ago, at the time mainly to solve the parasites visible as a public health problem. But now, more food-borne disease caused mainly due to microbial contamination (eg, Campylobacter, Salmonella and E. coli), it can not be directly observed by the naked eye.
EU official control system which was established in the EU constitution, so any changes must be EU Member States, the European Commission and international partners to support and consent.
UK Food Standards Agency's expert advisory body on the official control system last month, an update on improvements at a meeting on the future of the meat inspection program was discussed.
Participants listening attentively to the EU partners on the modernization of meat inspection system of discussion, but also of the EU Commission in 2006 adopted the Food Sanitation Law in the case. The meeting also heard a European livestock and meat trade union (UECBV), on improving the existing system of meat inspection relevant recommendations.


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