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Be "blocked" 5 years I expected to return to the U.S. market, poultry products
News source:Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co.,Ltd    Published:2009-10-29
"Locked" up to 5 years after the last of China's poultry products is expected to return to the U.S. market. Ministry of Commerce news release last week, the U.S. local time on October 21, President Obama signed the "2010 Agricultural Appropriations Bill," China's poultry import restrictions set to adjust.
It is reported that the United States "in 2010 agriculture appropriations bill," the first "743 articles" on the "2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act," the first "727 clause" was amended to provide for the need to strengthen the verification testing and enhance transparency measures request, allow funding for the import of Chinese poultry or poultry products. The "727 clause" after that: "Under this Act provides that any funds not be used for the development or implementation of any poultry product imports from China to allow the United States rules."
Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao said China welcomed the efforts made by the United States, hope the U.S. Administration to amend the relevant regulations as soon as possible to restore the import of Chinese poultry. Yao Jian also pointed out that "743 clause" is still set up specifically for China's poultry exports restrictions. For its non-discrimination principle is fully consistent with WTO and other relevant rules, the Chinese-depth assessment of progress.
Yao Jian reiterated that China's exports of poultry products are safe and reliable. The Chinese side urges the U.S. side seriously China's concerns, as soon as possible the complete elimination of poultry in China to set specific discriminatory measures, the early realization of China's normal trade of poultry.

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