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Mengniu shares after the repurchase COFCO For overweight IDT off meat
News source:Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co.,Ltd    Published:2009-12-25

Mengniu shares after the repurchase COFCO For overweight IDT off meat

December 23 News: Following the Mengniu shares after the acquisition of COFCO further development of long-sleeved. Yesterday, people close to the Morning Post said, the food is brewing off the overall acquisition of IDT Food Co., Ltd. (MaverickFoodCompanyLimited), but did not disclose the amount. COFCO relevant parties declined to comment on.

Customer formerly IDT Asia-Pacific Food (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, was the first to enter the Chinese market, foreign meat business, its investors for the United States and Belgium ARTAL SmithfieldFoodsInc Group, the former is the world's largest vertically integrated pig breeding and pig meat processing group, in North America, Europe has more than 30 large factories and a number of well-known brands. Belgium ARTAL Group is Europe's largest multinational food groups.

In fact, the source of food and SmithfieldFoodsInc too long. As early as last September, COFCO announced the acquisition of its 4.95% stake, this is food for the first time in overseas holdings of pork processors. At that time, the grain side said that instead of a strategic partnership, the most important is to learn that the world's Pig Farm leader of advanced technology and management experience, while the two sides in the country, "the future will look for common development of space."

Statistics show that in Guangzhou and Shenzhen market, IDT is the local frozen meat off the first brand, is owned 47% and 36% market share. In Beijing, Shanghai and other markets, was not as Shuanghui, Yurun and other local brands, but also in the top few positions.

This relatively good market performance will be with the grain of the meat then the upstream assets relative to open up the industry chain. In early 2009, food made in "full industrial chain" business strategy, meat is one of its eight industrial chain. In Tianjin, Hubei, Jiangsu and other places, the food had already invested heavily in the meat industry chain. Meanwhile, due to strong grain and its processing business, the "source" to make it more easily with feed processing and aquaculture advantage.

According to the China Meat Association, predicted that "during" China's meat will keep 3% -5% annual growth rate in 2010, pig slaughter capacity will reach 730 million, pigs rich in resources, the total meat will be more than 87 million tons, meat output reached 14 million tons, the total proportion of meat in all meat from 8% to 13%. According to industry sources, overall, pig meat industry concentration is not high, in which grain may see the integration of vast space.


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