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The development of frozen chicken products
News source:Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co.,Ltd    Published:2009-12-1

Looking cooked chicken products in China market, not difficult to find, in addition to Western fast food such as KFC fried chicken, roast chicken, Hungary, the only north-south across the traditional Chinese chicken, braised chicken cooked product categories. Chicken cooked in traditional products unbearable stored at room temperature, to a large extent restricted its market. I study at home and abroad to study and practical experience, after serious consideration, made great efforts to develop new varieties of frozen chicken products, the development proposal, hoping to develop the domestic market broiler industry to find a new way out.
1, for the consumer market potential, and guide economic development in Development With frozen food, frozen food can meet the fast-paced work life Guangda consumers and nutritious taste of the beautiful Fangbian frozen food needs. In the large cities and developed areas in the township, through the cold chain of food security system is expanding rapidly among the broiler processing industry should seize this historic opportunity to accelerate the development of frozen chicken products, out of the broiler production difficulties, which will China's broiler industry wise. Frozen chicken products require -33 ℃ ~ -35 ℃ under the conditions of the rapid freezing of food after processing, in a few hours to reach core temperature lower than -18 ℃. Chicken products packaged under the following at -18 ℃ transport for longer storage. Frozen chicken products have many advantages, such as a longer period can be preserved in the freezer box, good for family; can save the family cooking time, remove the housewife in the kitchen of the smoke desperately, it is difficult to reach expectations in flavor standards, the vast number of working couples many of the fast-paced life easy. These products in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries in recent years, sales of big, imagine it must have dynamism in China's huge market.
Second, the development of chicken frozen food factory introduced the current domestic production of traditional cooking, the chicken processing method, nothing more than burned, roasted, fried, stewed and canning methods, in addition to canned chicken is not popular, the other processing methods and more limited by the short shelf life, sales of small radius, the traditional mode of production chicken cooked chicken products and equipment constraints of varieties, colors and scale of production. Traditional chicken products sold in the market because of these shortcomings in the lack of novelty, the use of a conventional processing conditions in the factory packaging made of frozen chicken products, can be stored away in a long operation to maintain the fresh taste of chicken conditioning products and other quality standards. Chicken contained less fat than pork, can be adapted to the market demand for low fat foods, but frozen chicken products in the development, but also the proper use of split chicken, pay attention to rational processing methods. Broiler different parts of the state of different organizations, the taste after cooking has a significant flavor difference in the conditioning process, they can be used to process cooked food products of different. 1. Leg: is divided by the most popular chicken, its organized crime, chew better taste, excellent flavor, the cooking method can be burned, roasted, fried and other processes. 1) burn: The pickle juice, after a certain time of soaking, steaming, finished by vacuum packaging, further frozen. 2) Baking: you can block in the charcoal grill, you can also cut into small pieces, strung (prior to be impregnated by the sauce), available carbon fire or electric grill, cooling vacuum packaging, together with frozen. 3) fried: the certain size and shape of pieces or sliced meat, pickled into the taste, after sizing Starching fried, can keep the meat fresh and tender feeling. Before frying, you can dip in pieces on the powder or grain bread (toast) and then fried, so good for keeping chicken in the crisp feeling after the vacuum-packed cold, plus to frozen. Several processing methods of the thigh above, customers can buy back after the store can also be dissolved after the short-term heating by microwave or deep-fried short again, you can serve meals, taste and freshness can be maintained. 2. Breast meat: chicken breast muscle fiber thick, difficult to tasty dishes available for Zhawan Zi materials can also be tenderized thin slices of pickled again after the dishes after cooking, the method can be processed and Western steak, pork chops Like stained starch paste, coated with bread crumbs (toast) and then fried, frozen and packed cold. Before consumption by microwave heating or frying 2 minutes after 3 minutes and then plate and serve drizzled with some sauce, or sauce can be served without feeding. This cooking method, do not like Chinese cooking, so meat dehydration-fat dry, rough texture, hair, "Chai", light taste, but people feel fresh chicken, the taste of exquisite taste. Another processing method is: the marinated chicken breast after cooking (or steam) familiar with the machine drawing (torn shredded pork), packaging frozen; family used chicken wire for cold food ingredients, use of sanitary and convenient. You can also use chicken breast strips or wire to join a variety of vegetables, such as sword beans, Guatiao so with with hot cabbage leaf after the paper bag into a chicken dish, steamed and cooled, then packaged frozen, can be stored for a long time away transport. Before eating or heating by microwave steaming can serve short-term feeding. 3. Chicken wings: you can sub-processing, handling general suitable for stewed. Chicken wing roots and the central Department of meat fat can also be read directly after curing adhesive powder after frying or deep-fried. Chicken wings can also be traditional Chinese-style barbecue. Different cooking and cooking technology of its products shape, appearance, color, taste, taste many changes, but only according to consumer tastes before eating habits can be simple and serve fried or heated. Chicken processing factory products to implement large-scale production, can invest in capacity, market forecasts to prove the design, the necessary equipment can be localized. Design should take into account the full use of chicken waste, to increase raw material utilization, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.


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