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Advanced equipment, pull the meat industry to upgrade
News source:Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co.,Ltd    Published:2009-11-11

"You pig slaughtering this integrated production line equipment, too, long length, my plant is not so great, can not be based on my actual needs for me to do one?"

"No problem, sit down and talk, talk a good price."

This is a recently held in Qingdao, Shandong China International Meat Industry Exhibition on the scene. Advanced slaughtering, processing equipment have appeared, has attracted many domestic and foreign enterprises in the eye of meat.

Industry experts point out, China's meat industry is to scale, modernization, standardization, branding, production, supply and integration of direction. Advance preparation of its profits. Advanced application of meat processing equipment and the introduction of modern techniques in meat processing in industrial applications, has become our meat products to enhance safety, promote industrial upgrading, meat, meat industry, to achieve the core of scientific development and the key .

Decided to develop the level of equipment in the China Meat Association of China Meat Industry Exhibition on 60 years I see that before the reform and opening up, China is not mechanized meat production line. The early 80s of last century, the former Department of Commerce to develop the country's meat processing, the introduction of some Western European meat processing equipment, "armed" dozens of medium and large meat packing plant, along with equipment also introduced the meat in Western Europe product processing technology. Since then, China's consumers in the market to see the European meat products, almost all major cities to buy such products.

Early 90s, to sausage based products of high temperature meat products, processed meat products to China into a new area, ham save a lot of state-owned meat packing plant, but also the development of a large number of private enterprises .

"Trace back, is 80 years of European equipment to the Chinese market, the introduction of the European low-temperature meat products. And 90 years of sausage meat sausage machine to the production and sales in China to a climax. These two points have proved that only advanced processing machinery to promote the meat processing industry. If not then imported equipment and ham sausage machine, China's meat market, there can be so diverse today. "Hangzhou Aibo Technology Engineering Co Hanqing Rong emotion said.

According to data published by China Meat Association, China's total meat output in 2008 reached 72.68 million tons, accounting for 28% of the world's total output of meat over. In recent years, a number of domestic meat processing enterprises to introduce international advanced production equipment, so that our meat processing industry's overall technological level of equipment has made great strides to improve the quality and safety of meat products, optimize the enriched species structure, promote industrial upgrading of the meat.

"Nevertheless, the technological level of China's meat industry has not yet reached the general level of Europe and the world. China's foreign exports are mainly primary processed products, processing product has not yet reached the level of deep processing, many traditional Chinese products and technology for process problem and can not be industrialized, so meat production in China is not strong. "Zhuyi Liang, president of China Yurun that.

Henan public goods food industry Co., Ltd., Zhu Xianfu said, from technical equipment, the existing meat processing enterprises in China are mostly small-scale, poorly equipped.

Domestic equipment remains to be done along with the constant development of China's meat industry, meat processing machinery industry in China developed very quickly. "China's meat processing machinery from the bulk volume of imports into exports. Exporting equipment from simple, small extension to the complex, large, and even into the meat, the most advanced German machinery market." Hangzhou Aibo Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman Hanqing Rong said.

Zhu Xianfu said that in recent years, China has increased the poultry processing industry, equipment manufacturing R & D support, the formation of a large number of localization of slaughter and processing technology and equipment, which includes a vacuum blood collection devices, automatic temperature control (pig) iron hair steam tunnel and efficient hair removal technology and equipment, crawler-U-playing hair machines, semi-automatic positioning precision chop machine. The technology and equipment to improve the slaughter automation and modernization of production and the ratio of, to some extent free from foreign technology monopoly.

It is understood that, in addressing the traditional Chinese meat processing raw materials, some technical equipment such as high technology and equipment for hair removal achieved a major breakthrough in the field. For example, in slaughter and processing technology, the number of slaughter and processing of advanced technology in domestic large-scale enterprises has been widely used, large-scale slaughter of chilled meat processing enterprises to achieve basically the entire production process of pre-cooling, fine segmentation and large-scale cold-chain production, leading enterprises in the meat industry has achieved continuous production, automation, mass production and similar aseptic processing technology.

China Meat Association, the information provided, my meat machinery exports continued to increase every year, and the increment of at least 25%, indicating that the international market has been gradually accepted in China's meat machinery.

Industry experts point out, in modern meat processing equipment design, in addition to the mechanical structure, the domestic enterprises should also be in the performance (must meet product processing requirements), health (must meet the HACCP requirements), security (to ensure the safety of the operator ), materials (must be selected no effect on the food material), and several other aspects of the effort to improve. Experts said the American and European manufacturers of meat processing machinery design concepts have been further from the performance of a single device to an intelligent and automated; a person can only operate one device deep into the traditional concept of a person to operate a production line. Automation can be connected in place, they will consider the use of machinery to replace. From the machine automation to the life of machine parts, hazardous food is produced and so many aspects, have become the mechanical designers to understand and take into account areas.

It is understood that China has attached great importance to food machinery design and development of the relevant national standards to improve the food machinery (including meat mechanical) design. States in 1997 issued a "food machinery safety and health" standard, this year it issued a document revising and improving the standard. In addition, the light of EU requirements, relevant departments have also developed a "basic concepts of food processing machinery health requirements." The implementation of these two standards, China's meat (food) Mechanical design of the specification and limitations, will be China's food machinery manufacturing industry is very helpful.


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