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The 11th China International Food and Beverage Exhibition
News source:Dalian Jinbaiwei Food Co.,Ltd    Published:2010-3-30

SIAL CHINA 2010 Eleventh International Food and Beverage Exhibition

Show Time :2010-5-19 

Exhibition Duration: 3 days 

Hall Address: No. 2345, Pudong, Shanghai 

Sponsor: French Aibo Exhibition Group Business Development Center in China

Sponsor: French Aibo Exhibition Group

Most international food trade event ----- SIAL China 2009 total from 50 countries and regions overseas exhibitors exhibit in a total of 1,057 exhibitors display. Larger group exhibition are: China, France, Italy, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, South Africa, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Russia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Korea, Uruguay, Vietnam, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, India and Chile. Among them, the U.S. Pavilion is the SIAL China's second largest international pavilions. Number of overseas exhibitors to join, on the one hand reflects the trend of globalization of food trade, while SIAL China has once again demonstrated its high degree of international. SIAL China 2010 the number of participating countries and regions are expected to hit 70 or more. SIAL China 2009 has attracted a growing number of Chinese exhibitors. With exhibitors from 30 provinces participated in the SIAL China.

Society will continue to participate in China can Sial china2010, SIAL for the enterprises to enter the domestic market can provide a high-end platform. Significant trade effects --- SIAL China 2009 attracted 28,528 professional visitors came to understand the Asian food market Latest Information and the establishment of new business contacts, SIAL China has created a new audience the history of the number of records (over 2008 increase of 3%). 13% of visitors from outside China, mainly from the United States, European Union, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Southeast Asia. 49% of visitors from the Shanghai area, 38% of visitors from other parts of China. Participate in SIAL China 2009 exhibition of Chinese and foreign exhibitors are obtained fruitful results of trade, before closing the show, there were more than 62% of exhibitors have already confirmed to participate in the 2010 event. From 50 countries and regions, 1057 SIAL China 2009 exhibitors joined the show for three days, reflecting an unprecedented international.

SIAL China 2009 net exhibition area of 40,205 square meters, the field of food and beverages 50% and 50% international exhibitors the perfect composition of domestic exhibitors. International Pavilion, visitors can see the European countries show a strong lineup, including France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Italy and Germany. National pavilions at the center of Europe, the EU has set up booths for two consecutive publicity in this traditional European cuisine.

At SIAL China's history, for the first time to challenge the Guinness Book of Records event, "the world's biggest cup of cappuccino," awarded on the exhibition site. Successfully created the "world's biggest cup of cappuccino," the records, from the world's leading coffee producers of coffee and an audience of teachers who enjoy a cup of cappuccino to create Guinness record.

International and domestic visitors are very interested in the exhibition of 17 sessions were held during 3 days, its themes include: intellectual property, Chinese rice wine, food safety, innovation and trends, food and beverage market opportunities in China and so on.
SIAL China: China's big meeting with dealers - SIAL China offers to exhibitors access to Chinese consumers a lot of opportunities. Whether in the booth or in a private meeting area, exhibitors can with Carrefour, Metro, Old Boss and Xinuodisi site to discuss international food development company to benefit. As the show quality improved. SIAL China exchanges between exhibitors and visitors an unprecedented dynamic.

From China and the Asian buyers - SIAL China has become an efficient business platform in Asia, attracting overseas, especially in Asia and Europe, buyers of great concern. 2010, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in addition to outside the region will have more Asian and European Guo Jia's Caigou gigantic corporation, Baokuo the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India. SIAL China 2010 trade visitors will reach 3,0000 people.

Rich extension activities-sial china for business professional buyers access to a variety of channels, through a variety of extension activities, to the exhibitors exhibitors bring high value-added effect.

With Carrefour, Metro and Lianhua Supermarket trade negotiations - only in SIAL China can enjoy the opportunity! Purchasing Department will be the two supermarkets in the central exhibition hall set up negotiating room, in the show to find new partners.

Special events - visits to Shanghai's leading retailers and well-known supermarkets, is to understand the domestic food market is the most effective and convenient way.

The Sixth Asia International Olive Oil Competition - 2010 exhibition will be open to other olive oil-related seminars.

International Sweets and Chocolate Competition - Foreign exhibitors will showcase a variety of candy is hard to imagine, from the consumer will purchase the classic varieties each year to hundreds of new product development.

Eleventh International wine and liquor tasting - the Wine and Spirit Competition entries total 435 kinds of products. In addition, we also set the wine estates, a total of 10 wine tasting will be held. From Carrefour, Metro, Lianhua Supermarket's liquor product sourcing manager for business talks at the show site. 10th Wine and Spirit Competition International Vineyard focus is to improve awareness in the Chinese mainland. 15 seminars and tastings, the wine has attracted more than 1,000 professional visitors. Exhibition period, the activities provided to the audience more than 270 bottles of wine for Tasting. China Wine and Spirits - Best Buy contest. 6 different categories in the competition, a total of 7 products stand out, including China Zhangyu Gold Diamond-class ice wine ice valley.

Food trends and innovation sixth award - to become the highlight of your innovative products. 12 products received Innovation Award, SIAL China 2009's innovative product innovation reflects three characteristics: pleasant, healthy and innovative packaging. Shanghai Carrefour supermarket and opt-in.

Sial china gourmet kitchen, Western food in the collision of passion here - the hotel and restaurant industry booming and opportunities for suppliers. SIAL China 2009 launch of its new concept of "culinary innovation zone", attracted 4,435 hotel and catering industry, the audience, an increase of more than 55% in 2008 .2010 Escoffier International Cuisine Association of China launched the "culinary innovation zone" will continue to this activity.

Regional business meetings - show more than 300 during the private meeting that brought together Carrefour, Metro, Xinuodisi, 3 Xu business, SPAR China, urban supermarkets and the U.S. agricultural trade offices and other well-known retail distributors.

48,000 square meters of exhibition area, 8 major subject exhibitions

(A) alcohol Pavilion (2) sweets, snack food exhibition (3) Beverages Gallery (4) agricultural products and condiments, meat Pavilion (5) Seafood Pavilion (6) health food and baby food exhibition (7) Hotel Food Pavilion (8) Coffee Pavilion

Alcoholic beverages: wine, beer, hard liquor
Snack Food
Non-alcoholic drinks: fruit juice, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, coffee machines, etc.
Dairy products, dairy and egg products
Fresh, preserved meat and meat products, poultry and game, fresh and pickled fish, shellfish and other seafood
Fresh and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable gardening class
Candy, chocolate, biscuits, pastry and bakery products, nuts
Canned Food
Spices, additives, edible oil, fast food
Edible oil, olive oil
Quick-frozen, frozen food (including ice cream products)
Cooked and preserved foods
Organic food, nutrition and health care products, biological products, infant foods, diet foods, honey products
Pet food class food
Various well-known food and drink businesses and restaurants supplies, kitchen equipment, catering information management software and hardware systems
Consulting, certification and other services category

Fees and booth map, booth construction renderings notice.
Participation process: the submission of exhibitors, "booth reservation application," and after the show organizers to confirm booth, in the exhibitors receive a "confirmation of participation" within a week to pay participation fees of 50% or the entire paragraph. Booth arrangements: first book, make sure, first payment, first the principle of arrangement.


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